Remodeling & Home Additions

If you’ve decided its time to freshen up your space, or add more space altogether, we’ve got you covered. We have tackled everything from half bathroom renovations to full home, multi-level remodels – and everything in between.

The key to success in any remodel or addition is blending the old with the new seamlessly. This requires the ability to adapt to any conditions that may unexpectedly arise from opening up an existing structure. Our team has the experience and the knowledge to tackle even the most complex obstacles and keep your project moving.

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Home remodel, Lake George, NY

The Process:

One of our talented project managers will make an initial site visit to gather the scope of the project. Even if you do not have formal plans, through a discussion of your wish list, we can help to align vision and budget, and make changes accordingly. If architectural plans are required, we will direct you to one of our expert colleagues and get the ball rolling. Once renovations begin, our team is expertly trained to impact your living space as minimally as possible. Through the use of state of the art equipment and close detailed management, we protect your home and belongings while we bring your dream to life.